Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We just got back from Houston where we spent a fun weekend with our close friends the Handy's. Jennie and Jamie were freshmen roommates at BYU and Trent and I became good friends soon after our wives introduced us. I suppose few people are so blessed to have both spouses enjoy the company of another couple as much as Jennie and I enjoy being with the Handy's. We've sure missed the snow cones and the heated competition of the card and board games we once played. I used to invite ourselves over to dinner on almost a weekly basis when we lived in Houston. When you're comfortable pillaging from the fridge or changing the TV-channel mid-program when visiting a friend's home, it speaks volumes about the depth of that friendship. Jamie introduced us to and we felt like this was the perfect forum to let our loved ones keep in touch with the goings-on in our lives. Work keeps me busy, tired and cranky, but the kids and Jennie seem to like me anyway. If this first entry is not grammatical, or even coherent, I'll blame it on not having slept last night. I've been at the hospital for 27hrs and can't wait to get home to see my little ones.