Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blue Bell & Vanilla Coke

I've gotten in the habit of drinking some Vanilla Coke while I'm on call at the hospital. Though it keeps me from falling asleep in the operating room at 0300, it also keeps me from falling asleep on the rare occasions that nothing is going on and I might otherwise get in a short nap. The other night was one such occasion, so while I wasn't operating or sleeping, I sat up and thought about Emmylou and hummed an original tune. Tonight I found a program (Mazzika) that let me record the tune and I've posted it with this entry.

I have brought the kids up to the hospital on several occasions and taken them to the cafeteria to eat ice cream. One day when Jennie and the kids drove past, Emmylou pointed and said, "there's the hospital where daddy eats ice cream." It's no wonder she tells me that she wants to be a doctor.