Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Enchanted camping trip

Over the weekend we took a little camping trip to enchanted rock state park in the Texas hill country. Enchanted rock is a big round bald chunk of granite sticking up out of the ground. We hiked to the summit with the kids on Monday. The wind was blowing up the mountain like nothing I've ever experienced. It was blowing so hard that it was actually easier to go up the mountain with the wind at your back than to come down with the wind in your face. I was afraid to let go of the kids lest they should blow away.

We also made a little side trip to Luckenbach, Texas since it was in the area. You can't really even call this place a town since I think there are only three people who live there. It is really just a group of small buildings made of old unpainted boards. It contained an old post office turned gift shop, a dance hall, and a barbecue/bratwurst/beer stand. Oh, and it was absolutely packed with bikers, rednecks, and the occasional rooster.

Emmylou and Caleb loved camping, but you could say Sally wasn't exactly a happy camper. She screamed all night the first night and was a little restless the next night. With Sally screaming and the usual difficulties of sleeping in a tent (the deflating air mattress, dropping night temperatures, and the howling wind), we were all a little tired for the ride home.
Note: You absolutely have to click on the second picture, so you can see up close the look on Emmylou's face.