Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Stories about Caleb's Eating Habits

Note: I do feed Caleb at least three times a day, so don't call CPS.

Mmmm, What's that?

So the other day I had some crusty dried up I don't know what on my shirt (This may be alarming to those without small children, but trust me it's perfectly normal), and Caleb came up to me to tell me about something. Well, during the conversation Caleb began to casually pick off and eat the whatever it was from my shirt. I asked him what he was eating and he replied, "Just some crumbs." Then he smiled at me and added,"I'm like a cockroach!"

Brotherly Love

Last night we were having a lovely dinner of random items from the pantry,and Sally got the last packet of instant oatmeal, which Caleb wanted. After Sally had eaten (smeared the contents of her bowl all over herself), she came toddling towards me, and I said, "Ew, Sally you're all sticky." Caleb quickly volunteered, "Don't worry. I'll lick her off!"

This just proves once again that Caleb will eat anything.